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Bramley apple

Canned Bramley apple products are packed in 2.75kg A10 cans and are free from all artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.  Only a small quantity of water is added.

Pouched Bramley apple products get minimal heat treatment for a fresher texture and taste and an extended shelf life without the use of additives.  Pouches are packed in a range of sizes according to the needs of the customer.

Bramley apple pie filling products are pre-mixed and ready to use .  They are bake and freeze-thaw stable and their packaging ranges from 10kg plastic tubs to bulk containers.  Fresh apple pieces are dipped in SO2 or Ascobic Acid.

Bramley Apple Products

  • Canned Solid Pack Bramley Apple Slices
  • Canned Bramley Apple Dices
  • Canned Bramley Apple Sauce
  • Pouched Bramley Apple Pieces
  • Bramley Apple Pie Filling (10mm Diced, Kitchen Cut, Sliced)
  • Fresh Bramley Apple Pieces (10mm Diced, Kitchen Cut, Sliced)
  • Bespoke apple based pie fillings with other frozen or dried fruits